Who we are:

Engineers, technicians and technical consultants in the recruiting and staffing industry.

What we do:

Contact, advise, recruit, submit and retain technical talent for our clients on a permanent or a contract basis, and help professionals help themselves by providing expert market knowledge and advice.

How we do it:

Constant warm and cold networking, online and offline recruiting, advertising, community involvement, volunteerism, friends and referrals.

Why we do it:

We love helping to make connections between people. We love understanding our clients and job-seekers. We love learning about our markets and being on the front lines of world business. We simply love it

Where we do it (partial list):

Boston, Ma | Watertown, Ma | Waltham, Ma | Newton, Ma | Cambridge, Ma | Somerville, Ma | Brookline, Ma | Needham, Ma | Natick, Ma | Framingham, Ma | Wellesley, Ma | Quincy, Ma | Dedham, Ma | Roxbury, Ma | Brighton, Ma | Chelsea, Ma | Belmont, Ma Medford, Ma | Arlington, Ma | & most other Eastern Massachusetts Locations.

Recent Posts

Conducting a Group Interview: Employer’s Edition

With the workplace becoming ever faster employers must consider entrepreneurial methods in managing the human resource functions in much more efficient way. One such method is to research, design and implement a functional group-interview methodology. The cost and time savings are obvious. In the same time it would take to screen, evaluate, interview, test and determine fit for 10-15 individuals ... Read More »

How to Excel in Phone Interviews

Telephone Interviews have become a very effective technique for interviewing long distance candidates or doing an initial screening. More often than not, if you don’t do well in the first interview than most likely you will not get a call back. That first interview tends to be a phone interview, that’s why it’s extremely important. Here are some tips: Treat ... Read More »

Salary Negotiation for Technical Professionals

Salary negotiation is a tedious and daunting task for any professional, never mind technical professionals. The thing about negotiating your salary is that it’s more of an art than a science. After all, aim too high and you lose the whole thing by looking unrealistic and out of touch with the current market. Aim too low and you can instantly throw ... Read More »

The 10 dos and don’ts of Interviewing

Many people ask us what are the major skills needed to do a good job in an interview. There are a lot more than 10. However, there are more important points than others. These are some of them. Before we get started it is extremely important that you seek professional assistance to help with your interviewing skills. DxDt’s consultants can ... Read More »

Networking for Jobs

Networking for Jobs The “What”: What do you mean by networking for jobs? There are many ways to find your next job. One of the best ways to do that would be to be hired through your existing network. However, networks don’t just happen by themselves. It takes time, energy and tenacity to continually improve your network and expand your influence. Let’s ... Read More »

Guide to Boston Staffing Market

We receive many questions on the general operation of a technical staffing agency. Most professionals understand that Employment staffing agencies (especially technical staffing agencies) are a great tool to find your next career opportunity hassle-free, especially in Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. That is entirely true!! But, how do employment firms and staffing agencies work?  Well, it really depends on ... Read More »

A New Year! A New Career!

A New Year! A New Career! The new year is a time for rejoicing, seeing family members you don’t get to see often, giving and receiving gifts but for some of us it’s a time to reflect on the past year and to look ahead onto the coming one. This can be a daunting and stressing task for many as ... Read More »