dxdt is the derivative of x with respect to t. It symbolizes engineers, who understand engineers, helping them find a better engineering career while staying true to our origins.

  • Permanent Placement
    We help recruit, interview, and place engineers on a permanent basis at some of the nation’s top engineering and technology firms. Best of all it’s free for the candidates, and valuable for our corporate partners
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    For many clients, continous recruiting support is a much more suitable solution than the one-off traditional recruiting arrangement. This is why we offer RPO services to be an in-house function, intimate, and strategically aligned with our partners’ needs.
  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
    Perhaps the need in recruiting effort, or talent is challenging for our corporate partners, which is why offering our knowledge and expertise may make more sense for our engineering partners.
  • Career Coaching
    In the wild west of the job hunting world, having a career coach can make the difference between success and failure. Our deep knowledge of corporate hiring practices helps us to direct and coach individual applicants towards successful job changes, and career choices.