Who we are:

Engineers, technicians and technical consultants in the recruiting and staffing industry.

What we do:

Contact, advise, recruit, submit and retain technical talent for our clients on a permanent or a contract basis, and help professionals help themselves by providing expert market knowledge and advice.

How we do it:

Constant warm and cold networking, online and offline recruiting, advertising, community involvement, volunteerism, friends and referrals.

Why we do it:

We love helping to make connections between people. We love understanding our clients and job-seekers. We love learning about our markets and being on the front lines of world business. We simply love it

Where we do it (partial list):

Boston, Ma | Watertown, Ma | Waltham, Ma | Newton, Ma | Cambridge, Ma | Somerville, Ma | Brookline, Ma | Needham, Ma | Natick, Ma | Framingham, Ma | Wellesley, Ma | Quincy, Ma | Dedham, Ma | Roxbury, Ma | Brighton, Ma | Chelsea, Ma | Belmont, Ma Medford, Ma | Arlington, Ma | & most other Eastern Massachusetts Locations.

Recent Posts

George Konik Associates Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 29, 2014 Adapting and evolving alongside Minnesota’s changing manufacturing sector, longstanding Engineering/IT recruiting and staffing firm enters fifth decade. The history of Twin Cities-based engineering/IT recruiting and staffing firm George Konik Associates (GKA) reflects the evolution of Minnesota’s manufacturing sector over the past 40 years. Founded in 1974 by hockey legend George Konik with the ... Read More »

Corus360 Announces Wireless and Mobility Practice


Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) July 29, 2014 Wireless and mobility solutions have their own unique sets of requirements around access, security, and performance. The ability to support the all-wireless network, collaborative solutions, and emerging technologies relies on the availability and stability of the wireless infrastructure. Corus360 is able to provide end-to-end solutions for all phases of the wireless life cycle. ... Read More »

ERE Webinar: Make Your Employee Brand Stand Out

Social is much MUCH more than just a place to post. It’s a vast resource used for building a realistic and authentic employer brand. In this upcoming Findly-sponsored webinar please join hosts Ryan Squire and Tracey Parsons as they share the following tips: Using content to build a strong employer brand The use of a variety of tools and mediums ... Read More »

For Lasting Success, Get Your Hiring Down to a “T”

I study fascinating organizations for a living, and there are about fifty of them in our upcoming book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. Want to know my hands-down favorite in a “this company really gets it” kind of way? It’s Valve, the maker of video games. Per employee, Valve is more profitable than Apple, Microsoft, ... Read More »

4 Reasons Great Recruiters are Great at Recruiting

I was reminded this past week that recruiting is very hard. No, it’s not hard to post a job on your careers page and wait for a resume, that you won’t screen, and just pass it along to the hiring manager—that’s not hard.  Recruiting is hard when it comes down to finding talent that really doesn’t want to be found and has ... Read More »

Planning For A Better Career

Planning for a better career Whatever you want to achieve in life, having a career strategy is fundamental to achieving it. Making things up as you go along can take you in the right direction, but a good plan will get you there faster and more effectively. So what are the steps you can take to ensure that your career ... Read More »

Laurie Ruettimann talks Summer Book Recommendations

I want to thank everyone for buying and reading my book. I really want to say, “No, it’s a shitty e-book about HR. It’s a small thing. Unimportant. I am just testing out the market to see if I have anything to say. One of these days, I’ll write something more meaningful.” Please don’t let me say that to you. Stop ... Read More »