To elaborate on a few of the above points our candidates/Job seekers prefer us over other staffing and professional services firms, because we understand their needs. We've been there! We are Engineers, Technicians and Consultants working within our relative fields of expertise.

Also, our customer Service is second to non. You will have access to your direct recruiter at all times.

We provide low costs solutions that help an organizations bottom line, not tamper with it. We build stronger relationships rather than short and weak ones and we know that you'd want us to prove ourselves over time. We are specialist recruiters and consultants with expert knowledge in both the Hiring Process and Technical Industries. That alone separates us from the rest!

DxDt is an ethical, productive and active organization that provides low cost solutions to it's strategic partners. Register Online today and find out how our flexible, tailored programs can make your firm a leader.


DxDt Takes a consultative approach to it's clients. We exist to make the best matches possible and we employ many tools to realize that goal.
DxDt's ability to target highly talented individuals of Technical Expertise and orientation has meant higher productivity for our Client's Human Resources Departments, lower man/hours overall and a reduction in Recruiting costs.
DxDt has now launched it's Small Business Initiative to work with small businesses and startup firms in Eastern Massachusetts which further reduces costs to those businesses
But Why DxDt? Why should a prospective client choose us?
Here are a few reasons:
  • Candidate Preferences (A large portion of our candidates choose to work with us exclusively)
  • Lower costs overall
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Strong Strategic Partnership
  • Excellent knowledge and expertise in our markets.
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