What you get!

Every Employer needs a different solution and therefore our process will differ depending on your personal needs. However, Our most basic and general process includes many of the following aspects.


  • Initial contact.

  • Recruitment.

  • Submission.

  • Interview set-up and follow through.

  • Offer presentation and finalization.

  • Turn-over/retention assistance.

DxDt's Small Business Initiative


The Small Business initiative is our way of helping small businesses grow and finding the right talent for the position that need them the most.


Please check our dedicated linkhere for more information.


Contract to Hire (Temp to Perm)


Unsure whether your last drastic increase in business will last? or Maybe you'd like to see your employees in action before making a considerable hiring commitment.


DxDt's contract to hire services provides the best of two worlds.

  • Quick and easy hiring of a temporary professional

  • The long term safety and security of the direct hire.

  • Temporary workers can be converted to a permanent employee at any time of your choosing throughout the contract.

  • Both direct hire and temporary services guarantees apply to our contract to hire services.

Contract Recruiting


This is a specialized program geared mainly towards small businesses, start-up organizations for short term opportunities.

DxDt will now offer in-house and on-site recruiting services. This program is designed to be more affordable for small businesses and is a unique program offered as part of DxDt's Small Business Initiative. In other words, DxDt will "lend" local employers it's internal talent for short durations and for a limited time to do on-site screening and recruiting.

Your organization must qualify for this program, but the benefits are numerous and include:

  • On-site recruiting which means quick reaction to your hiring needs.

  • Expert in-house talent for a fraction of standard costs.

  • Based on a billable hour and so you only use our on-site personnel as long as you can afford it.

  • Use our consultants as you see fit. Have lots of interviews to go through? Have them concentrate on the areas that you lack expertise, time or man-power.

  • usually tends to be more suitable for small businesses.

Questions? e-mail [email protected] subject: "Contract Recruiting"


Permanent Placement (Direct Hire)


DxDt's strong professional networks, online visibility, innovative recruiting methods and our dedication to excellence makes for a strong combination when directed towards recruiting full-time permanent employees.


As the market gets more and more competitive and online recruiting becomes the dominant tool to attract and retain talent DxDt has combined the "old" methods with today's new technology to create highly reliable processes and systems for recruiting today's top talent.

Features of our direct hire services include:

  • Confidentiality.

  • Low Contingency fees.

  • Thorough screening processes.

  • Time-efficient candidate submission.

  • Offer negotiation and process walkthrough.

  • Simple and easy to understand direct hire agreement.

Temporary Hire


DxDt Staffing Services can provide quick hiring solutions to any short term projects, or quick replacements. Whatever the reason behind your need for a temporary worker DxDt will be able to provide just the right candidate. You receive benefits such as

  • Quick response

  • Guaranteed candidates or your money back

  • Extensive screening and selection processes

  • No-Hassle hiring of top talent

Why DxDt?


DxDt is a recruiting agency committed to highest levels of quality and customer service. That alone is enough of a reason for you to at least inquire about our services. But just in case here are a couple of other reason:

  • One of the lowest fees in the Boston area.

  • Our recruiters are technical professionals who understand your needs.

  • 24/7 support. You think 2 am is too late to call us and let us know tomorrow you will have an emergency? Never!

  • Personalized service. Whatever your needs are we will find a solution that will work for you.

  • As our clients invest in us we invest back in them.

Our Agreements

Our client agreements usually stipulate the following:

  • Fee value.

  • When the fee is due.

  • Methods of submission.

  • Unconditional Money-back Guarantee.

  • Confidentiality of candidate and client information.

Our Services


DxDt currently offers the following Services for Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.

  • Temporary Hire

  • Contract-to-Hire (Temp-to-Perm)

  • Permanent Placement (Direct hire)

  • Contract Recruiting (Short term only)

  • Small Business Initiative (Qualified small businesses only)

In addition to the above services we have been asked to evaluate current internal recruiting processes for our clients to help improve diversity recruiting efforts and general recruiting processes. To Inquire about a service please e-mail [email protected] , create an online profile and one of our staffing consultants will reach you or send us a note.


DxDt is a specialist in the technical placement market.


We are specialists by profession and not by Industry. In other words we serve all applicable Industries to the following categories:


  • Engineering Staffing.

  • Manufacturing Staffing.

  • Information Technology Staffing.

  • Architecture Staffing.

  • Skills & Trades Staffing.


DxDt employs professionals who are hiring-process experts within their fields. Most of which have strong technical backgrounds. We believe that finding the right person at the right place is more than just keyword matching or database searching.

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